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Old Kingston Photographs


Several years ago I met the grandson of the builder of 9 Euclid Av, he was burying his mother’s ashes, in Kingston’s Presbyterian Cemetery. After leaving cemetery, he drove to Euclid Av just looking from his car. I was working outside and asked if he needed help, so we met and exchanged email adrs.

Rick Houck lives in Delaware & has been having some health issues… but he occasionally sends emails. His GF Ernest Stout was a local builder; he built 9 Euclid for his in-laws… the Okesons. 60 years later, Marcia and I bought 9 Euclid from the Okeson’s daughters. Rick used to visit his maternal greatgrandparents at 9 Euclid and had fond memories there.

Yesterday Rick sent 3 pictures relating to Stouts & Okesons. I offer them below, in the same resolution offered to me… w/o any cropping or enhancement.

1st, the Okeson farm on Ridge Rd. I wasn’t aware of this, but appears Charles & Elizabeth(?) Okeson, were quite successful farmers… the house is so nice! Rick offered, It's on the heavily treed section near Rt 1 & it was his GreatGrandfather Okeson's farm. Rick’s GM Bethenia Stout grew up there, as well as Viola… the Okeson’s two daughters.

2nd pix 9 Euclid ca.WW-II (I’ve dated the rear of the car… left edge of pix, a 1940 Plymouth). Rick explicitly said, it was their “retirement” home, built 1914. Viola never married, she lived there 60 years… first with her parents… then by herself (tho she did have boarder there, at least at one period of time).
In the pix you can already see a few missing slates on the roof. The roof ‘died’ because steel nails (not copper!) were used during WW-I. When one nail-pair rusts out the slate slides down… then slates below fail.
When we bought Euclid, there were dozens of missing slates, with resulting leaks! Having a new roof put on was the first thing we had done -I deemed continuing damage was killing the house. (I ‘hated’ throwing away all that red Vermont slate but didn’t have luxury of time to dwell on, eg, carefully stripping all the slate, using what was left that was good on front, & doing rear in asphalt shingles. [sigh]

The 3rd is the Stout house on Main St, right behind 9 Euclid. This appears to be the present “Kingston Wellness” building. I presume (but don’t know), the Stouts ran their business from this house.


Jeremy Pollack





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