Early 20th C Postcards of Kingston

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Early 20th C Postcards of Kingston


Postcards, Early 20th Century Kingston


Collection of scanned postcards showing Kingston scenes often sent from Kingston


C. Dieterich


Collected from antique shows by Robert Weissman and others. Scanned by the historical society.




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View of Carnegie Lake From the Dam, Kingston, N. J. Postcard - 4-23
COSMOS picture postcard published by W. H. Mathew's GENERAL STORE, Kingston, N. J. Front image and back message addressed to perhas Mrs. Zita Adams, Bivalve Md.

Public School, Kingston, N. J. Postcard 1909   collected 4-23
Postcard with B&W image of school building with students and perhaps teacher in front. School was elementary grades, in South Brunswick Township, Middlesex County, NJ
Reverse shows date canceled, to Mrs John F Reger, Raritan N Jersey form Martha D

M. E. Church, Kingston N. J. Postcard early 20th C.  4-2023
Front and back of postcard in high resolution. Letter addressed to Rev. Z? Adams, Bivalve, Md.

Old Grist Mill at Kingston NJ Postcard 600dpi
Front and back of postcard in 600 dpi resolution. Unused but imperfect back.
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