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D and R Canal Map 3_20230310_161122.jpg
Photos of Displays in Kingston Lock Tenders House 2022 on canal side wall.

Taverns and Main St Overview PIX_20230310_161546.jpg
overall layout of Main St and Taverns 2022 displays

Taverns 1_20230310_161510.jpg
Photos taken 2023 of display from 2022-2023 season

John Edwards-group 2-13.jpg
Photos obtained from Edwards family. All were found in an envelope with writing on it, envelope also included.

John Edwards-group 2-01.jpg
Photos obtained from Edwards family.

Blue Fish Oct 27-965 detail sincak.jpg
a collection of photos borrowed from Edwards family. (to be expanded)

Clark Goss House1.jpg
Four pictures that Rebecca Mergen Pennington believes came from the time that the building was purchased by Frances Clark and Louise Goss (1970)
The building is in the historic district survey for Kingston.
In 2023 it housed The New School for…

zz UnionLineHotel-SharonODonnellHansen-11-22page01- two page.jpg
A booklet menu for the Union Line Hotel in Kingston, New Jersey.

Scan of a menu from the 1930s or 40s for Brooks Manor, a hotel which became Good Time Charley's and then Charlie Browns, and then Palace of Asia (2022)

Breakfast group, July 21, 2021 Gordon, Karl, John, and Bob
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